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(Trick Cyclist)
Business Analysis Consultant

About Mike

Mike has worked for over 25 years in various industry sectors as a Digital Business Analyst/Business Architect with a record of impartially defining, negotiating, agreeing and delivering significant business transformation and/or incremental and iterative change.  Mike has experience working across many sectors and for a range of organisations including the NHS, Autoglass, The Co-op, United Utilities, Vertex, Electricity North West, R R Donnelly, Shop Direct, HMRC, DWP, Home Office (Borders), Home Office (DBS), GM Police, Cap Gemini, Capita.  

Areas of Expertise

Business Analysis

Business Architecture

Business Transformation

Project Management


Retail, Manufacturing, Government, Law Enforcement, Utilities, Communications, Consultancy, Technology, Outsourcing and Pharmaceuticals.


Mike lives in Cheshire with his wife and three kids and in his "free time" enjoys cycling, coaching, watching football and moonlighting as a taxi driver for his kids.