Helping organisations to use web, cloud and IT systems to optimise processes, improve services, drive growth & save money.... more!

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Helping organisations to use web, cloud and tech to optimise processes, improve services, drive growth & save money....

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We are
Business Analysts, Project Managers, IT, Marketing and Web Professionals

Our service helps organisations to identify business processes that can be streamlined and enhanced thereby improving services, saving costs, enabling change and driving growth. Our analysis takes in to account a full range of organisational structure and business needs, providing comprehensive advice and a practical, structured and priority driven road map to improving business activities. Whilst our analysis is wide ranging, our approach to implementing change is very firmly technology based, knowing that organisations who fail to invest in properly researched and implemented technology will miss out on cost savings and improvements and are often unable to compete in an ever increasingly technology focused business environment.

Crucially analysis is only part of our service, whilst we can simply advise on areas for change our skills really lie in implementing the changes we are suggesting as organisations rarely have the time, expertise or resources to focus on making these changes effectively. Our priority above all is to support organisations needing to optimise processes and utilise technology to drive growth.  Whether that is to simply be on hand to answer technology based questions or to aggressively drive organisational change through analysis and implementation of software, web or cloud solutions on your behalf.  

Our team has experience working across many sectors and with a range of well known organisations, including: The Co-operative Group, Mecca Bingo, GE, Unilever, NHS, Greater Manchester Police, TalkTalk, Home Office, Capita, United Utilities, Aviva, Foreign Office, Prison Service, Autoglass, London Transport, BAR F1, BT, Rank, Pacifica Group, Vodafone, National Probation Service, Barclays, London Ambulance Service, Ministry of Justice, AXA, Sainsbury's, Finnair, Ibstock PLC and Arriva.

Our Process

Understand mission critical processes & identify those that require improvement 

Digitally map & document critical processes for reference, review & safe keeping

Establish a dialogue channel for staff, partners & customers to voice areas for improvement

Create a roadmap & timeline to prioritise & work towards implementing recommendations 

Research, evaluate & where required manage implementation of software, web & cloud solutions

Ensure decision makers are fully supported when making key technology decisions & investments

Act as a bridge between board members, decision makers & software, web & cloud suppliers

Make sure all parties are supported through the implementation of new technology solutions

Develop an on-going review framework to ensure processes are re-evaluated regularly

Examples of how we can help...

Organisational process analysis and optimisation

Research, advise on and source software solutions, web systems & cloud services 

Support & project manage the development of websites, business applications and custom software

Interface with staff, partners, suppliers, clients and decision makers

Provide guidance on internal IT systems, network and structure

Offer technical recommendations on hardware and device suitability

Aid and support digital marketing campaigns

Help to port current systems from internal networks to cloud providers

Offer advice on best practice for data management, privacy, security and GDPR

Attend meetings with clients to help secure contracts that require technical knowledge

Guide and support through software and hardware penetration (security) testing 

...or we can simply be on hand to translate tech speak, answer questions & provide a global, unbiased & informed view.